When a new year begins, sometimes you just want to forget the mistakes of yesteryear. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, some of us thought that Samsung would, or should, ditch the Note brand to avoid any future distrust in the consumer market. Well, it would appear that the electronics giant is not going to do that. 

An "official from the electronics industry" said that, due to the popularity of the Note 7 before the phones started exploding, Samsung will release the new Note in the latter half of this year. Of course, the name is assumed to be the Galaxy Note 8, unless someone forgets to count again. It is impossible to forget that Samsung started the "phablet" market and no one should be surprised that it wants to maintain its dominance in that product category.

According to one of Samsung's partners, the Note 8 is going to have a 4K screen for an improved VR experience, better stylus support, enhanced security for the iris authentication technology, and the new AI assistant named Bixby (which will likely be introduced with the S8/S8 Edge). There is hope that Samsung will carefully consider the release date this time around, though there are others who want the new phone to come earlier this year. These are just rumors, so take it all with a grain of salt — or several.

Finally, Samsung will release the results of its Note 7 fire investigation near the end of the month. Supposedly, the issue was related to an "electronic hardware design problem", not just a simple battery flaw. We will have to wait to know for sure, though.