The Amazon Echo and its integrated assistant Alexa have seen a lot of success and popularity over the past year, and now more companies have been tempted to build their own iterations of the product. Some, like Lenovo, have decided to nearly copy the entire idea, from the form factor to the Alexa integration. The result is the Lenovo Smart Assistant Speaker.

It's a cylindrical tower, much like the Echo, with a speaker grille at the bottom and what seems to be a rising control panel with volume and trigger buttons and an array of 8 360-deg far-field microphones with noise suppression that can pick up voices from up to 5m away. The Smart Assistant is equipped with both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, has a 5W tweeter and 10W woofer, and as I mentioned earlier, it comes with Amazon Alexa built-in so you can use the assistant to ask questions, play music, talk with different services, control your smart home, and more.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant comes in grey, orange, and green, and will be available in May of 2017 for a decent price of $129.99 (just like Google Home). There's a Harman Kardon version with improved audio quality in black that will retail for $179.99.