With the breakup and shut down of Cyanogen Inc, CyanogenMod — Android's most popular ROM — is also being discontinued. Of course, the advantage of an open source project is that it never really dies, and so Lineage OS is picking up where CyanogenMod left off (hence the lineage, get it?). The new OS is just a few weeks old, so many things are still falling into place. After having received a definitive name, Lineage OS is now getting an official new logo as well.

A few hours ago, an image of three interconnected circles on a greenish background was uploaded to Lineage's Github, and the file has since also appeared on the OS's official website. The logo seems to allude to the software's namesake, depicting a continued evolution of Android distributions — apparently both past and future.

We're likely to continue receiving new bits of information about Lineage OS over the coming months as everything begins to settle down, and it wouldn't be unexpected to see the new logo suffer some minor tweaks here and there as well until then.