Most of us played with Play-Doh at some point in our childhood, but these days kids can take their creations virtual. Hasbro's new Play-Doh TOUCH app lets you scan things you make and place them in a virtual world. While it's technically for Play-Doh creations, it works with anything that appears to have limbs.

Hasbro sells a special "Life Studio" kit with several colors of building materials and a built-in scanning area, but you don't technically need any of that—just find a white backdrop and something to scan. It doesn't have to be Play-Doh, although that does sort of defeat the purpose. Still, I was able to get a Dead Zebra Android mini scanned (see above). Here are a few more images of something Artem scanned.

After you scan your thing, whatever it is, the app identifies what it thinks are the legs. The virtual version of your creation actually walks around in a somewhat disturbing, gelatinous fashion. It could also be described as "spider-y." The game itself is a fairly simple world-builder, but kids might get a kick out of scanning the things they make. Hopefully they don't find the virtual versions of their creations too creepy.

Play-Doh TOUCH
Play-Doh TOUCH
Developer: Hasbro Inc.
Price: Free+