News are all around us nowadays but quality news reporting that also happens to be fast and accurate is not easy to come by. Breaking News, a separate startup inside NBC News Digital Network, was one of the most popular and respected news aggregators that tried to solve that problem through a team of dedicated editors and a network of trusted partners. It then broadcast important news through its website, various social networks (@BreakingNews with >9M followers, +BreakingNews, and Breaking News on Facebook) as well as mobile apps including an Android app with over 500,000 installs.

But alas, NBC News decided at the start of the month that the service was not generating enough revenue to sustain itself and that it was time to shut it down. The deadline? Tomorrow, December 31st. The team shared that in a post on Medium and then followed up with another post listing the different team members and offering everyone a chance to hire them since they were out of a job. (That's one of the worst ways to start 2017, our thoughts go out to everyone.)

If you were a Breaking News user on Android or a follower of their Twitter account or other social presences, you should start looking for alternatives. Artem tells me and @BNONews are a good option, but I wouldn't know because I don't have enough bandwidth in my life to dedicate to all the news. If you know of any other alternatives, do let us know in the comments.

RIP Breaking News. It seems to me like you were doing something awesome, but sadly, awesomeness without cash doesn't mean much these days.

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  • Ananya Gupta