Every now and then, we all can't quite make out what somebody just said. Sometimes, you fill in the blanks with whatever it is you've been thinking about. If Amazon's Alexa works the same way, this video will really make you wonder what's been on her mind.

The young man you see in the picture is talking to Alexa in such a difficult-to-understand toddler voice that you could forgive her for failing to understand. But somehow, her response got very raunchy, very fast. I wouldn't want to spoil it entirely for you, but it's not like I could write a few of those things out anyway.

Astute commenters have noted that Alexa seems to be reading the title of this Spotify track, which is a gag ringtone. Regardless, we can all sympathize with the reaction of the adults in the room.

They might want to check out a Google Home, too. After all, it would have no problem carrying on a conversation with an Echo.

P.S. Let's all give some props to the person behind the camera for filming in landscape mode.