If you've been shopping for a Google Wifi (or three) lately, it's hard not to notice that all of the direct sales avenues have either been sold out or priced so far above MSRP that you'd think they were scalping playoff tickets. Fortunately, this drought couldn't last forever – Best Buy currently has both single and 3-packs of the mesh wireless router available at regular prices with fast shipping or in-store pickup.

The 3-packs are gone

Holy cow, that didn't last long. About an hour after this post went live, Best Buy ran out of 3-packs. The solo listing is still available, but as most people know, it's not as cost effective. If you missed this opportunity but still want to hold out for the reasonable price of a 3-pack, keep a close eye on the other outlets – they'll probably get in some stock shortly.

Best Buy estimates deliveries by January 3rd for 2-day shipping, which suggests units will probably leave the warehouse on Friday or Saturday. If you happen to live nearby, in-store pickup is available at some locations.

At this time, single packs are available from Walmart at a deeply inflated price (i.e. $199.99) and from a third-party reseller on Amazon with a high shipping cost ($19.95 and no Prime service), but neither has 3-packs in stock. Google's online store still encourages customers to join a waitlist for both single and 3-pack options. Any of these stores may resume regular availability and prices at any time.

There's no way to be sure if Best Buy has an extensive stock available for sale, so if you're eager to get your hands on a Google Wifi, it's best to hurry up and get your order in as quickly as possible.

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