Earlier this month, the official Twitter mobile apps were updated to support livestreaming without having the separate Periscope app installed. Now the company has added support for 360-degree streams to both the Twitter and Periscope apps.

If you've ever watched a 360-degree YouTube video, you should be familiar with how this works. Desktop users can pan around the player with the mouse, and mobile users can tilt their phone to change the video angle. As of yet, there seems to be no support for any VR headsets in the mobile apps. Twitter teamed up with Alex Pettitt, a notable Periscope streamer, to show off the functionality for the first time.

Streaming 360 video is currently limited to select partners approved by Twitter, but will be rolled out further "during the coming weeks." If you're curious, Alex revealed in a later tweet that he was using the Insta360 Nano to record the livestream (which only works with the iPhone).