Listen nerds, I know a lot of you got some new gadgets gifted to you in the last few days. Those electronic critters come hungry, and they'll need a nightly infusion of electrons to stay healthy and happy. Fortunately, your buddy Jeff at AP has scouted out a good deal on a pretty decent wall charger that'll do the trick.  

The charger in question is manufactured by Aukey, one of the myriad Chinese manufacturers that produce good, albeit boring, chargers. It comes with three ports, one of which is a QC 2.0 port. Yeah, it's not QC 3.0 – but hey, 6 bucks. The remaining two are your typical 2.4A ports. The unit plugs directly into the wall and is reasonably compact (it's smaller than a credit card) for a three port charger.

A 3.3ft Micro USB cable is included and Aukey backs their products with a two-year warranty so you need not fear product failure. If you want it, head over to Amazon, pop in coupon code FPRJZNSL at checkout and watch the price drop to $6.