The Note7 doomsday has arrived. Samsung announced several weeks ago its intention to send out an OTA update that killed the Note7's ability to charge in the US. T-Mobile was the first carrier to schedule the update, and now it's rolling out. Any remaining Note7 devices on Tmo will soon be put out of their misery.

As almost everyone is aware, the Note7 suffered from a spate of battery fires after it was released, but a recall and the use of fresh batteries didn't fix the issue. It eventually had to cancel the Note7 completely. Samsung conducted an investigation, and we're currently waiting on the results to be made public. A third-party lab claims the issue lies in the battery compartment lacking sufficient clearance on all sides of the battery.

Samsung has recovered most Galaxy Note7 devices, but there are still some outstanding. The latest update will disable the battery's charging ability completely. That means it won't hold a charge after the battery is drained following the update. T-Mobile has posted the details of the update, which is version number N930TUVU2APL2. In addition to preventing charging, the update will produce a prominent on-screen notification of the recall. Anyone still using a Note7 should take this as a hint and send the phone back.