The CyanogenMod project is easily the biggest and most-used custom Android ROM out there. But a series of poor decisions has basically sunk the corporate spin-off Cyanogen Inc., and that failure is also sinking the tools that the original open-source project has built up. Some of the original CyanogenMod team announced earlier today that they'll continue their work for community-created Android device ROMs under a new banner, Lineage OS.

Lineage, a fork of the current open-source code, is still in the formation phase. But if you'd like to join the legions of developers, maintainers, and users that will (hopefully) form around the new endeavor, there are a few websites and social networking accounts that you should bookmark. Check 'em out:

Twitter: @LineageAndroid

Facebook: Lineage Android page

Google+: +LineageOS


We've confirmed from current members of the CM team that these are the official accounts and websites of the new endeavor.

The website hasn't even been made yet - the domain is "parked" as a future home for the project. If you'd like to keep on top of Lineage's announcements as the initial ROM is created, follow it on your social network of choice and add the website to your RSS reader when it's up and running. Of course individual builds and open-source offshoots are likely to pop up on Android community hubs like XDA-Developers, and we'll continue to post any major Lineage news right here on Android Police.

Pour one out for CyanogenMod, which dies (in spirit if not in name) at the end of this year. Then raise a glass to Lineage, which will hopefully continue the team's good work.