Winter has been coming for a long time. Now, as of yesterday, it's finally here. For those of us who live in the northern portion of our planet, that means it's freakin' cold! Here in Seattle it's also super wet, dark, and generally just all around miserable (me and Seattle's weather have a love-hate relationship). In other words, perfect weather to stay in and watch a movie on the couch with a warm cup of cider.

Does that sound like a nice idea to you, too? Well, if it does, then read on. Google has two special promotions happening right now, and both of them will lead to a cheaper movie night for you.

The first promotion will score you a movie rental for just $0.99. All you need to do is sign into Google on your browser, then click this link. It will take you directly to Google Play Movies and apply a ridiculously long coupon code for you automatically, no typin' required. You're welcome. If your account is eligible for the offer, you'll see this message pop up.

Hit continue to add the promo to your account and it will be automatically applied to your next movie rental.

The second promotion Google has on tap is a coupon code that will take half-off the purchase price of any movie. Once again, all you have to do to apply the code is click this link and follow the directions. The discount will be applied at the end of the checkout process, just like with the first discount.

What makes this promotion even sweeter is that it stacks with movies that are already discounted. For example, Kubo and the Two Strings sells for $14.99, but is currently on sale for $9.99. With this additional 50 percent off, the price drops to just $4.99. Awesome!

Star Trek Beyond, X-Men Apocalypse, James Bond Specter, and multiple other new releases are also available for five bucks – or less, thanks to the promo code. The only sad part of this deal is that the discount can only be applied to one movie. Man, I'm going to have a tough time making a decision.

I hope you use these codes to enjoy a couple movie nights at home with some people you love (or at least tolerate) during the holidays. I've added the links again at the bottom of the article in case you missed them. I suspect the deal may only be available in the US. If you have any luck in other countries, then please let us know in the comments below.