This isn't confusing at all. T-Mobile, these new ONE plans, they are the epitome of simplicity, aren't they? I mean, all you have to do is choose if you want one line for $70/month, two lines for $60 each, three lines for $47 each, or 4 lines for $40 each, and you get unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. Oh and you enable AutoPay to get the prices here because otherwise they're $5/month higher. Then you choose if you want to add a tablet for $20/month and/or a wearable for $5/month. Then you can pay $3/day for HD video streaming passes if you want a higher resolution than 480p. Or you subscribe to a newer ONE Plus add-on for $25/month to get unlimited HD day passes each month (which you have to ask for individually each day) and as a bonus you also get higher speed data when roaming and unlimited LTE hotspot data. (See original ONE Plus announcement.)

Oh wait... no, back up, back up again. That's no longer the case. Because with the new new ONE Plus plan (the name of which isn't confusing at all if you heard of that Android manufacturer, but that's not the issue here), you still get unlimited HD day passes and faster data speeds when roaming, but you no longer have unlimited LTE hotspot data. It costs $15/month though, so there's that.

To get unlimited LTE hotspot data, you have to subscribe to the new new ONE Plus International add-on, which costs $25 like the old ONE Plus add-on, and lets you share your LTE data with other devices without any caps. It also offers "Stateside International Talk (a $15 value) for unlimited calling from the U.S to landlines in 70+ countries and mobile numbers in 30+ countries along with discounted calling to 200+ countries."

Worse yet, in order to enable the ONE Plus International add-on, you have to get on your phone and call 1-877-413-5903, because nope, you don't get to use your fancy LTE connection to tap a button and get a fancy international add-on thingy on your mobile plan. Nah. You have to use your phone like a Neanderthal.

T-Mobile says the new ONE Plus is "a $10 savings on pricing," which is technically correct, except they're removing one of the biggest draws of the add-on and if you already had the older $25 Plus add-on, you'd now be a ONE Plus International subscriber so you'd still pay $25/month. You can downgrade to the new regular ONE Plus and save $10, but you'll have to visit a store or call. Again, like a Neanderthal.

Some of these add-ons look like good value if you need them, but did Tmo have to confuse the living hell out of everyone by forcing everything into a "ONE" plan? This isn't a single plan anymore, it's a complicated mess of a puzzle plan with pieces of different shapes and sizes. The price changes and the LTE Hotspot turn-about situation for the ONE Plus add-ons do not do anything to help Tmo's case.