Instagram, much like Facebook's other applications, has been rapidly gaining features over the past few months. Live video, comment controls, and the ability to bookmark posts are all recent additions. In today's Instagram update, you can now add stickers to your Stories and shoot hands-free video.

Much like Snapchat, the stickers consist of both dynamic content (like the current temperature at your location) and static images. However, Instagram allows you to use multiple dynamic stickers at once, whereas Snapchat treats them as filters (thus, only allowing one at a time). Both can be rotated and resized to your heart's desire.

You can access the stickers from the new button on the top right when editing a Story image. The stickers panel is simply a scrollable list of Instagram's home-made stickers (only consisting of holiday-themed images for now) and all your device's emojis. Snapchat not only sorts emojis into categories, much like most keyboards, but also allows you to search them. By comparison, Instagram's implementation needs more work. It's also worth noting that you cannot add stickers to normal Instagram posts, just Stories.

The second major change is hands-free video. As opposed to holding down the record button to capture video (much like Snapchat and Instagram's 'Normal' mode), you simply press the button once to record and press again to stop. The hands-free mode shows up as a mode on the main Stories screen, at the bottom of the screen.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+