Verizon had a killer deal on the Pixel and Pixel XL for Black Friday, and now Best Buy is running an even better version of the promotion. Pick up a Pixel from Best Buy, and you can get it for as little as $10 per month. They'll also throw in a $100 Best Buy gift card for your trouble. There wasn't a gift card included with the Verizon deal on Black Friday.

If you're thinking you'll take Best Buy's free money and use the Pixel on a different carrier, think again. This deal requires you activate the Pixel on Verizon, and the discount is delivered in the form of bill credits each month. The cost should work out to $10 per month for the Pixel and $15 per month for the Pixel XL. The total discount is $410, so tack on a little more if you get the more expensive 128GB phone.

This discount brings the total cost of the phone down to as little as $240, which is fantastic. Best Buy's website only shows the free $100 gift card when buying the Pixel, but my local store confirms the full deal is available if you come in. You can also trade in an old phone to lower the cost of the Pixel further. The promo runs through December 25th, but the store will be closed that day.