Not to put too much of a dramatic spin on it, but Android tablets are definitely not in a good spot right now. The last Android-powered tablet to elicit anything but indifference was the Pixel C, and its confusing roots and questionable value left it far from being universally praised. The only tablet line not made by Apple that seems to get consistent acknowledgment in terms of sales success is Amazon's Kindle Fire family, which are based on Android but run Amazon's incompatible Fire OS fork.

This weekend's poll is about proper Android tablets - not the Amazon knockoffs. The reason I'm excluding the Fire line is because Amazon's tablets don't contribute to what Google considers to be the Android ecosystem, given the OS's fork status. So let's do this one by what Google would call an "Android" tablet.

When's the last time you bought an Android tablet? This year? Last year? A few years ago? Have you ever bought one? What's keeping you from replacing an aging tablet? Is it the lack of good options, or that some form factors (like the 7" tablet) have started to disappear? Is it just that Android as a tablet OS doesn't do much for you these days? Vote in the poll below on the last time you bought an Android tablet, then discuss in the comments.

When is the last time you bought an Android tablet? (Excluding the Kindle Fire)

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