For the few of you who have a YouTube channel, there was one headache-inducing issue that everyone kept running into: channel URLs could take one of two formats: or (the latter being based on Google+). While this seems like an innocuous annoyance, it used to cause plenty of confusion for viewers who weren't aware of the difference and tried to reach a channel but didn't find it there. Silly.

Now YouTube is consolidating these two URL formats. Either of the two will take you to the YouTube channel, regardless of which format you set up first as a creator. The change is live starting today. As a user, you won't likely notice any difference, but as a creator, you don't have to worry about all those lost viewers who tried reaching your channel via the wrong URL format and failed.

Obviously, this merger causes an issue with duplicates for different channels who are using the same name with the c/ and without it. YouTube says there are less than 0.02% of channels who are affected and it'll be reaching out to them to tell them to claim a new URL before May 31, 2017.