If you're looking to learn how to develop for a certain platform, chances are that Packt will have what you're looking for in either eBook or video form. As it does a few times per year, the publishing company is currently offering all of its material for just $5 a pop.

Packt's offerings cover a wide variety of topics, including Python, Java, machine learning, DevOps, and more. Let's assume you're interested in developing for our beloved Android. Packt has a book for Android Wear, one on Material Design, one on developing games with Unity, and more. A quick search reveals that the company offers 281 Android-related eBooks and 11 Android-related videos.

In total, Packt has nearly 4000 books and 335 videos available, so there's gotta be something that intrigues you. We're not sure when the deal will end, but it should last at least a few days. Have a look at the source link below.