For the longest time, Kickstarter was only accessible as a website without any official mobile apps. Then came the iOS app and it wasn't until January of 2016 that we saw the first release of the Android app. Since then, this app has been updated, improved, and gained a lot of functionality. But today marks a different milestone in its history: the team at Kickstarter is open sourcing it along with the iOS app.

In a post on Medium, Brandon Williams, one of the members of the Kickstarter Native team, explains how the iOS and Android apps came to be and how their journey lead toward open sourcing the apps for the benefit of the developer community and as part of Kickstarter's new ethos of serving the public good.

The post by itself is an interesting read, but the GitHub page is the one you're most likely to enjoy if you're a developer. There, you'll find plenty of repositories including the Android OOS one, with everything you need to import the project into Android Studio. And if you like the team's way of doing things, they're hiring a few engineers including an Android engineer.

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