Google has been rolling out new features to Home since its release a few weeks back, not all of which have been hugely useful. Today, over two dozen new services have been added to Home—not that you'd ever know unless you went digging around in the settings. Most of them are not very impressive.

In the Google Home vernacular, "services" are basically chat bots that can be called up with a voice command. You have to tell Home that you want to "talk to [service]" each time you decide to access a particular set of features. This service dump includes WSJ, Todoist, Tender, Anchor, Food Network, and more. You can check the screens below for the full list of current services. Nearly all of them are new (Number Genie and Eliza were there before).

You can access the list of services in the Home app under the settings for your Google Home device. You can tap on each one and get a description of what it does, as well as some example commands. Some also need you to link your account before they can be of use. This is all live on Google Home right now.

None of these really seem particularly useful, and the requirement that you ask for the service each time is annoying (but probably necessary). Even if this stuff was all great, Google needs to work on how it makes new Home features known. It's not like you'd ever stumble upon these services while chatting with Home. Dumping everything in this menu is going to be messy.