There's a new vending machine in the San José International Airport, which is not usually something we would have any reason to care about. However, this is a Google Project Fi vending machine, and it gives away free stuff. Not to everyone, though. It's only for Project Fi subscribers.

According to Google, the machine (across from gate 25) offers travel-related goodies like sleep masks, socks, and charging cables. I can only hope they are all Fi-branded. The items are free, but again, only Fi subscribers can get them. Additionally, they can only get one item per 24 hours.

If you should be in the San José International Airport (or anyplace else these machines show up), you can get a code by dialing *#*#FLYWITHFI#*#* (that's *#*#359948434#*#*) on your phone. This generates a QR code that you hold up to the vending machine's scanner, allowing you to pick your free goodie.