The OnePlus 3T hasn't been out for long, but OnePlus is already pushing another update to it. The Shenzhen-based company doesn't exactly have a great reputation for updating its devices, so this is nice to see. This update to OxygenOS 3.5.4 (still Android Marshmallow) brings a host of optimizations and fixes.

Here's the changelog, direct from OnePlus:


  • Optimizations for US-TMO Network
  • Optimizations to Reduce Lag when Battery is below 5%
  • Optimized Bluetooth Connectivity for Mazda Cars
  • Optimized Battery Saving Mode: GPS and Orientation Preferences will be restored when Battery Saving Mode is closed.
  • Fixed Flashlight Usability Issue in WhatsApp
  • Increased System Stability
  • Implemented Various Bug Fixes

Since many American 3T users use T-Mobile, improvements for the network are definitely welcome. Also welcome are the lag optimizations, as many phones slow down when they have low battery. Other noteworthy fixes include better Bluetooth connectivity for Mazdas, the restoration of settings for auto-rotate and GPS when battery-saving mode is exited, and an issue with the flashlight in WhatsApp. And of course, the standard "increased system stability" and "various bug fixes" are present.

The update is already rolling out, but OnePlus specifically mentions that it will only hit a small percentage of devices today. Enjoy mashing your "check update" buttons, 3T owners!