Logitech's Circle security cameras are a compelling option for keeping an eye on your home. They're a bit cheaper than other cameras, are super-easy to set up, and include free 24-hour archiving of 1080p video. The app has been a little lacking, but it's getting a big update today that includes easier navigation and a new subscription plan.

Here's the full changelog for the new update.

  • A new simpler menu design
  • Customizable Smart Alerts based on activity levels and frequency.
  • Privacy mode to stop Circle from recording any footage
  • Circle Safe now has more storage options as well as Person Detection and Motion Zones for more precise alerts
  • Running timestamp on Events and Day Briefs playback.
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

The settings menu in the old app was just a grid of unlabeled buttons, which was rather frustrating to use. Now, you get a traditional menu system for tweaking your camera. The menu includes several new options, like privacy mode. This allows you to continue accessing your camera, but it won't record any footage. There's also person detection and "motion zones" for more precise alerts, but these are part of the $10 monthly subscription plan. Too expensive? There's now a $4 monthly plan that includes 14 days of video storage (it's 31 on the more expensive plan).

The update is live in the Play Store for everyone. Your cameras will need a firmware update (which started rolling out recently) to take full advantage of the new app.

Logi Circle
Logi Circle
Price: Free