The response to Google Allo has been... cold, to put it gently. For every user who appreciates the clean break Google made with its past messaging apps and the mobile-first approach it took, there are dozens if not hundreds of users who are vocal about every single feature that Allo is missing and that needs to be implemented before the app is viable as a messenger for them.

That cold response is behind Allo's sudden extinction from the Play Store's top lists and the super slow rise of its download numbers. A couple of weeks ago, David pointed out that while the app reached 5M downloads in 5 days, it still sat between 5M and 10M two whole months later, signaling a really slow uptake on the app after the initial rush was over. Well, today, Allo finally crossed that 10M threshold and now sits between 10M and 50M downloads. And unless the team behind it has more tricks up its sleeve than a few sticker packs, I wouldn't bet on it reaching 50M anytime soon.

My personal enthusiasm around Allo has slowly died. I like a lot of the ideas Google has implemented in it, and having no Pixel phone, Allo remains my only means of communicating with Assistant, but I still struggle to find any reason compelling enough to start convincing my friends to move over to it or even to chat with people there whom I can reach on other platforms like WhatsApp or Slack. What about you? Are you still using Allo or has it mysteriously found its way out of your phone?

Google Allo
Google Allo
Developer: Google LLC
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