Google Calendar covers most of the basics for synced calendar users, but anyone who wants something more robust needs to go on a bit of a hunt. Titanium Track, the indie developer team behind the power user favorite Titanium Backup, is on the job. Their latest project is EvGenie, an advanced calendar designed for seamless backup across multiple devices and sharing with family members or coworkers. It's currently on the Play Store in an open preview. It's free to download.

On the surface, EvGenie doesn't look all that different from other calendars, and the mostly grey interface isn't doing it any favors from a visual standpoint. But dig a little deeper and you'll see that the tabbed interface allows quick access to relevant views for different lengths of time. There's also a Map view, assuming that location data is available for relevant events. The "event" system is surprisingly flexible, too - there's no distinction between calendar events and to-do items, for example. Inviting other users to events grants them access to anything associated with it, including shared media. The built-in tools for managing different users' access to events are impressive.

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Unfortunately the preview version of the app is missing the biggest draw: the syncing system. The app is free for the moment, but once it's ready it will be a paid service (presumably with a different listing in the Play Store). At that point syncing between devices and the desktop version will be enabled. An iOS release for EvGenie is planned at an unspecified time.

EvGenie Preview
EvGenie Preview
Developer: Titanium Track
Price: Free