Ready for some Nougaty goodness before the end of the year, HTC One M9 users? If you answered with an enthusiastic "yes!" then I hope you have an unlocked device, because that's the one getting the OTA update to Android 7.0 in the US. If you bought your handset from an operator, you will have to wait longer, unfortunately.

Both HTC USA and the famous Mo Versi announced the news on Twitter early this morning yesterday afternoon, saying that Nougat would start rolling out to the unlocked HTC One M9 "late this evening," ie. Tuesday December 6 Monday, December 5 at night. So start checking your phone for updates in a few hours and be patient if it doesn't show up for you just yet — these things can take time to reach everyone.

Note: Apologies for the timing confusion. The post has been updated to state the correct day.

If you still haven't received the OTA update or would like to download it and apply it manually, HTC has made the RUU file available (warning: 1.9GB)Source: HTC.