Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters in under a week, and fans of the long-running franchise are practically radioactive with anticipation. Since Google is a company that 1) likes money and 2) probably has more than the usual number of employees who list their religion as "Jedi," is going Allo-in with its latest promotion. [Editor's note: Michael, one more crappy pun like that and you're fired.] Starting today, new stickers featuring characters from Rogue One are available in the Allo chat client.

The stickers are animated, cartoonish interpretations of the characters and scenes from the movie. It's a little jarring, actually - from the look of the trailers, Rogue One will be a much darker and more serious story than any featured in the previous Star Wars movies. Seeing these grim characters in a sort of Penny Arcade style is a bit strange. The pack contains 23 different themed stickers, with protagonists, villains, and vehicles in animated splendor.


Previous themed packs for the application have included Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Buzzfeed, and Stranger Things, and surely more will be coming... for at least as long as Google decides to support its latest chat initiative. But for the moment, Google is Allo-over the place with its sponsored promotions. [Editor's note: I warned you, Michael. Clean out your desk and turn in your Android Police badge.]