ViewRanger is popular among outdoorsy people for its hiking trails and off-road topographical maps from different sources and known publishers. The fact that you can track and create your own trails, navigate using an Android Wear watch, and keep all your maps offline for use when away from a signal is more than just one big plus. And now there's a new cool feature for ViewRanger users: Skyline.

Skyline is an augmented reality map layer inside the ViewRanger app. It transforms your camera view into a lively map, pointing out the peaks, cliffs, lakes, glaciers, towns, villages, mountain passes, and other known places as you pan around your environment. It also tells you how far all of these are from you so you no longer have to wonder if you can make it to that campsite or that mountain in time.

Even cooler: if you launch the Skyline view while navigating a track, it will also overlay navigation arrows and waypoints on the camera view to help you find your trail without wondering too much whether you're taking the right route.

Skyline should be available across 80% of the surface of the earth, covering most of our planet except the extreme Northern (including Alaska) and Southern parts. And like most of ViewRanger's features, it works while offline too, so you don't have to worry about keeping a connection to see your trail and explore your surroundings.

INTRODUCING SKYLINE: Bring your outdoor map to life with Skyline, our new augmented reality technology. Using your camera it will identify key features around you such as peaks, places, and lakes. Skyline helps you navigate too. See waypoints and follow direction arrows for routes on the real landscape. (Note: No Skyline coverage in Alaska)
Other changes:
- A new Map Options panel.
- New waypoint icons for POI's and Waypoints.

I've never used ViewRanger before because most of my hikes are done with a trail guide so I never have to worry about finding my path. But I'm tempted to download the app before my next hike to try out this new Skyline AR layer. Lebanon is filled with peaks and mountains, and being able to identify them from afar would be super cool.