As the WalMart of the Internet age, Amazon has its fair share of detractors, and for some of the same reasons. With tens of thousands of vendors using Amazon as a storefront, to say nothing of millions of products the company sells directly, sometimes its wares can be a bit on the obscure side. A new system from the retailer is trying to offer a bit of transparency, showing consumers where the products they've ordered were made and packaged. The app is appropriately titled Transparency.

Here's the gist: certain products and packages from Amazon will come emblazoned with the Transparency logo and an accompanying QR code. Scan said code with the Transparency app and you'll be presented with a brief summary of where your item came from and when, including a "Best by" date for perishables. If applicable, it even includes a list of ingredients with explanations for anything not immediately recognizable.

While the sentiment is appreciated, it looks like the Transparency program is in its infancy, with Amazon itself being the only verified participating vendor. When presented with an option to show the production history of their wares, presumably with added time and expense included, I can't imagine many of Amazon's retail partners will be keen to jump on board.

Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free