When one buys a budget-priced smartphone from a carrier, especially one that doesn't get a wider release, the price tag is usually the primary concern. Software updates, not so much - maybe carriers and manufacturers know this, which is why those budget phones are the first ones to drop out of official support windows. The LG Leon, a relatively tiny phone that launched on T-Mobile back in April of 2015, is a happy exception. It's been updated with significant new software twice, first from Android 5.0 to 5.1, and now to 6.0 (Marshmallow).

T-Mobile's official update notes don't mention anything besides the 6.0.1 software bump and "Google security improvements," but that's fine by us. Picky users might wish for a Nougat upgrade now that Android 7.0 is being added to flagship devices, but for a 4.5-inch phone with just a single gigabyte of RAM, that might be a bit optimistic. T-Mobile isn't even selling the device anymore. As usual, any modifications to the software will cause a flash error, and T-Mobile recommends a Wi-Fi connection for the OTA download.