The ongoing recall of Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices is serious business for the Korean company. After canceling the phone following repeated battery fires, Samsung has done everything in its power to make sure owners return or exchange the phones. When asking nicely didn't elicit the desired response, Samsung put a 60% cap on battery charge. Now, it's going to start crippling any remaining devices in Canada.

According to Samsung Canada, an update rolling out on December 12th will disable the WiFi and Bluetooth radios completely. So you're thinking, "I have cellular service—take that, Samsung!" Well, no you don't. A few days later on December 15th, the Note7 will no longer be able to connect to any Canadian mobile network. Notifications are being pushed to devices on a daily basis letting owners know about the impending Note7 doomsday. Hopefully they will heed the warnings.

This is so far only for Canada, but I bet the same thing is coming to other markets too. This is the end of the line for the Note7. I can't imagine anyone having a desire to use a phone with no voice or data access. If you are still holding onto a Note7 for some reason, the time has come to let it go.