Are you a Project Fi subscriber? If so, you're in for a pretty cool treat this holiday season. Open up to check out Project Fi's World of Thanks site. Awaiting you is an assortment of interesting and cheerful online activities. You'll find cute tools to create custom digital cards and snow globes, a trivia game, a suggestion to set a seasonally appropriate voicemail greeting – sure, why not? – and best of all, a $10 Google Play gift code.

This is just the first round for Project Fi members. Each week through December, a new wonderland will open up with more games, trivia, online gadgets, and possibly even more gifts. Week 1 includes the aforementioned items, but most of you will probably want to sign in and go straight for the Christmas tree to get the $10 gift code. But make sure to check back each week, or at least be sure to swing back by before January 16, 2017.

Project Fi has been known to do some pretty cool promotions for subscribers in the past, like the famous Lego charging cradle from last year, so there may be some pretty interesting things in store for us this year. Unlike the charging cradle, it looks like new subscribers will probably be able to get in on this one even later into the promotion.

If Project Fi's first wonderland doesn't quite fill you with joy, also check out the poem left by "Director of Celebrations" John Maletis on the Project Fi Blog.