Every new phone has at least a couple of issues out of the gate that need to be addressed (and can hopefully be fixed with a software update, rather than scrapping a billion-dollar product line). So it is with Google's Pixel and Pixel XL: last month a subset of users reported spotty connection problems with the flagships, apparently when using LTE Band 4 (1700MHz) on certain carriers outside the US. Owners aired their grievances on Google's product forum, and were heard fairly quickly.

Several Android Police readers who experienced the Band 4 issue wrote in to tell us that after taking the Android 7.1.1 update yesterday, their Pixel phones are now easily connecting to the formerly spotty band. At least some of the users in the still-growing forum post have reported success after the update, though others say they're still experiencing problems. The affected networks seem to be concentrated in Central and South America, though they're by no means exclusive.

Forum posters have offered possible solutions, everything from manually switching the Pixel's wireless access mode to manually installing the fresh factory image from a PC via fastboot. If your phone is still having trouble, leave a comment of your own in the thread - while Google isn't being particularly forthcoming with technical data about this bug, the engineers do seem to be listening.

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