Google's Allo chat program remains the only way to access the cool Assistant voice control tools without spending money (either on a new Pixel phone or a Google Home gadget). But as with a lot of Google products, it seems fairly focused on the American market. Today its Smart Reply linguistic powers get widened to two of the next-most-spoken languages on the planet, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese. Support seems to be rolling out via a server-side switch, so don't be surprised if you can't immediately change to either language.

Once users get the updated functionality, those with Hindi or Portuguese selected as their Android system language should see it switch over automatically. If for some reason you have English set as your default language but you'd like to use Assistant in another, use the voice command "Talk to me in Hindi/Portuguese" and the language setting will change just for Allo. All the various "AI" goodies in Assistant should work in the same way they always have, complete with natural language processing. Smart Reply may offer to switch back and fourth based on its detection of what language you're using at the time. Oh, and Brazillian users get some nice custom stickers, according to the blog post.


Google promised Hindi support for Smart Reply back in September. As of now Allo's Smart Reply feature is only available in English, Hindi, "Hinglish," German, and Brazilian Portuguese. Google plans to expand language support much further, but as usual, there's no dedicated timeline for doing so.

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