Those looking for a mid-range, unlocked phone with impressive style and a big screen could do worse than the Xperia XA Ultra. Though it's using a MediaTek processor and its 6-inch screen is only 1080p, Sony's industrial design remains as sexy as ever, and it's compatible with all the standard US GSM bands. Normally the phone goes for over $300, but today only B&H Photo is selling it for just $229.99 in white, black, or pea-puke green "Lime Gold."

Other specs for the phone include 3GB of RAM, impressive 21.5MP and 16MP cameras on the rear and front respectively, a somewhat paltry 16GB of storage (plus MicroSD card slot), and Android 6.0 out of the box. The phone's battery is just 2700mAh, surprisingly small especially given the relatively large screen size and 8.4mm thickness. It's slated to be upgraded to Android 7.0 at some point, though exactly when is somewhat up in the air.

The Xperia XA Ultra has seen a relatively rapid drop in street price. The phone started out at $369 when it was released in the US back in June, but we've already seen it dip below the $300 mark (and sometimes bundled with extras) more than once. B&H's sale ends at midnight Eastern Time (so that's just 9PM to you on the West Coast). Standard shipping to the US is free, and depending on your location you might be able to skip sales taxes too.