If you just can't get enough NFL football on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, occasionally Saturday, and also on major holidays, then there are worse ways to spend your money than EA's Madden franchise. And if you still can't get enough, you can bring that video game football experience with you everywhere (sort of) via the official companion app. The latest version for the "2017" edition includes most of the features you'd expect, with a heavy emphasis on the game's Madden Ultimate Team mode.

For a few years the Madden games have been following the trend of customized teams over standard pre-set pro games. If you compete in a multiplayer "connected franchise" mode, league commissioners can now clear cap penalties or set members to "autopilot" when they can't play their own games live. MUT dedicated players get bonus coins and player packs for connecting the app to the game, and the game's player messenger system is accessible on the go.

If none of that interests you, there are also updated game tips from the developers, bulletins on the latest tweaks and patches, and a gallery of user-submitted screenshots and videos to pore over. Early users aren't thrilled - Play Store reviews complain of login issues, crashes, and a lack of control over individual MUT teams.

Price: Free