Bluetooth speakers have become a commodity in the last few years. You can get a cheap one for next to nothing on Amazon, but you still have to spend some cash to get a nice one. The Mini Jambox from Jawbone came out a few years ago, but it has solid reviews, and it's on sale at Best Buy today. You can pick one up for just $39.99, down from the retail price of $129.99.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox is about 6-inches long by an inch thick and has a built-in rechargeable battery with 10-hours of playback per charge. It was made in various colors, but it looks like Best Buy only has the black version.

Since the Jambox has been out for a few years, it rarely sells for anything approaching the retail price. However, most retailers are still asking around $80 for it. So, Best Buy's price is a solid deal. It's probably not going to be available in any stores, but you can have it shipped to you or a store for pickup.

Now $5 cheaper

The deal is back on Best Buy, and it's $5 less than last time. That's $34.99 for the speaker, which is plenty cheaper than other listings for it. Again, this price is valid today only.