Normally we see Verizon post a service alert on its website well before any of its customers receive a new software update on their devices. Today the company seems to be breaking that long habit, but the affected users aren't complaining. According to posts on the dedicated sub-Reddit and XDA forum, the Verizon version of LG's modular G5 is being updated to Android 7.0 starting today. Huzzah, tally ho, three cheers, et cetera.

Though a few users report that the installation started and subsequently failed, others say they had no issues grabbling the 1.67GB(!) file and installing it. The changelog mentions new themes for LG's software skin, a longer grace period for deleted photos, and the LG Downloads app has been swapped out for the Google version. Users on both sides of the country report that the update is live, but it still might take a while to get such a sizeable file out to all those phones.

Verizon is behind the international GSM model, T-Mobile, and Sprint when it comes to updating this particular phone, with only AT&T lagging among the big four carriers. Again, we can't independently confirm that the Android 7.0 update is going out to the Verizon LG G5, but it seems like the rollout is beginning, at least for some. Try a manual update check if you're impatient... just make sure you're on Wi-Fi first.

Image credit: XDA poster "avenje"