4K video, content with resolutions at roughly quadruple that of standard 1080p, is all the rage right now. We're finally seeing 4K-res televisions and computer monitors that are at least moderately affordable, and five will get you ten that some mainstream phone manufacturer next year will brag that it's crammed a 4K screen into a 5.5" form factor. YouTube is way ahead of the curve on this one: they've been offering 4K video uploads and playback on compatible hardware since 2010. Now they're expanding that capability to live streaming videos.

Not just live streaming videos, in fact: live, 360-degree videos as well. Now you can see that new music video with enough pixels to make your brain explode. YouTube announced the new capability on the company blog, stating that the first high-profile event to make use of it will be the 2016 Game Awards, streaming tomorrow.

You'll still need a 4K-compatible screen to actually make use of that increased resolution, but most new phones can record video in 4K, so perhaps it's a boon to more users than we might think. You can bet that Google I/O events next summer will be streamed in 4K at least, with 4K-360 being a distinct possibility.

Image credit: Samsung Beyond