The PlayStation Network is generally pretty good, but nothing's perfect, so today Sony is releasing a brand new app that takes the Communities feature of PSN and puts it in an app for Android (and iOS). This makes it a bit easier to find friends and people who have similar interests, which I've found PSN lacks in the past. This goes hand-in-hand with the PlayStation app, which is an entirely separate thing for some reason.

screenshot_20161130-111158 screenshot_20161130-111212 screenshot_20161130-112020

Using the app, you can join Communities and post to the other members - while a lot of stuff is "hey im online anyone want to co-op," some stuff is good, especially for league-based racing games or first person shooters. You can also see what communities friends are part of, although it doesn't seem to show which friend is part of which community. Because Communities are a PS4-only feature, only PS4 games are listed - so I've only got F1 2016 in the 'Games' section, because that's the only PS4 game I have at the moment. Although PS3 games are listed in the Trending tab. Weird.

screenshot_20161130-112027 screenshot_20161130-112036 screenshot_20161130-112100

Gaming social networks are weird - I like them, but they feel incredibly unnatural, even something like Steam which is much more friend-based than PSN. If you're interested, PlayStation Communities is on Google Play now.

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