It's the most wonderful time of the year... the time when it's almost over. But it's also that turn in the calendar when a couple of billion people look forward to celebrating Christmas, and the youngest portions of that subset start improving their behavior in an avaricious desire for more presents. Google's taking part in its yearly ritual too, indulging whimsical parents and obsessive-compulsive children with its Santa Claus countdown-slash-tracker app.

For 2016, the Santa Tracker adds a new redesigned Santa's Village and a new game called Present Quest, because we're really past subtlety at this point. This one integrates a bit of real-world augmented reality in the fashion of Pokémon GO: players have to physically walk to locations on a Google map to grab presents, then drop them off at the local franchise of Santa's Workshop. So basically it's just a slightly more directed form of walking around. Maybe it would be fun if you knocked on a door at each location and sang a Christmas carol?

The core "tracker" portion of the app will unlock on December 24th, at which point you can track Santa's worldwide progress via Android Wear, Android TV, or any Chromecast-compatible gadget you happen to have around the house. Or just use the app on a phone or tablet, if you want to suck all of the tech-flavored joy out of the holidays.

Google Santa Tracker
Google Santa Tracker
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free