Remember back in the early days of Android when it had copy and paste, and the iPhone didn't? Those were strange times. Copy and paste is just something you expect to be able to do now, but there are plenty of places in Android where the text isn't accessible. Microsoft's Clip Layer app aims to change that by binding a universal copy option to the home button.

When you trigger Clip Layer, it reads all the text on your screen, making it accessible for copying. Simply tap the fields you want to copy—you can do as many as you like. Tap the text button in the upper right corner to see what you've selected, then copy it to the clipboard, email it, drop it into Wunderlist, or share the snippet to another app of your choice. It's not unlike Universal Copy, but Clip Layer seems to work much better.

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There's one big caveat here: the Clip Layer app takes over as your assist trigger. That means long-pressing the home button launches Clip Layer and not the Google app. On most phones that just means you lose Now On Tap (AKA screen search). Yeah... that's no big loss. On the Pixel, you can no longer access Assistant. If that's a trade-off you want to make, Clip Layer is good at what it does.

Clip Layer
Clip Layer
Price: Free