Ridesharing service Lyft has long had a disadvantage compared to Uber; it wouldn't show you an estimate of your ride total ahead of time. Now, the company is testing that feature in select cities across the US. The total isn't set in stone, but it should be accurate barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Lyft did not specify which cities were getting pre-ride totals, but it should be obvious if you are included in the test. After selecting your pickup location and destination, the app will show you the cost including fees, taxes, tolls, prime time, and promotions. You can still change your route along the way, but the previously quoted total will no longer apply. The same goes for a ride that takes longer than expected because of traffic or inclement weather. The same is true of Uber.

Adding a destination in the app is still optional. You can just request a ride in the app and you'll be charged based on time and distance as usual. Lyft plans to roll the ride totals out to more markets in the coming months.