For a lot of Android fans, intense interest in the platform can lead to more questions about the technical underpinnings. And when you're so attuned to Android and its ecosystem, you might even have some original ideas for apps that haven't been made—yet. With this one-day offer from Packt, you can get a free ebook to take you from zero to...well, not hero, but well on your way to making Android apps.

The book is called Android Programming for Beginners and is by all accounts exactly what the title suggests. The paperback version over at Amazon goes for $50 and is quite well-reviewed.

You will begin by learning some Java, which is the lingua franca of Android development, but the focus is learning by doing in Android-specific examples. Don't expect to be making bank off of an app right after you breeze through the book, but if you've been needing a resource or a motivation to get started, this might just be it.

Follow the source link to claim the free copy. This deal ends at 7PM ET/4PM PT, so don't spend too much time deliberating over whether or not to pick up something that's free!