SONOS, a company famous for almost never discounting its products, slashed the price of one product - its PLAY:1 entry-level speaker - by 25% for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. The deals that the connected audio company is running for the holiday season aren't quite as dramatic as that one was, but they're generally pretty solid and cover many more products.

From now until December 31st, 2016, SONOS is taking $30 off every PLAY-series speaker it offers. That means that you'll be able to grab a PLAY:1 for $169 instead of the regular $199, a PLAY:3 for $269 instead of $299, and a PLAY:5 for $469 instead of $499.

For its two TV-oriented offerings, the creatively-named PLAYBAR and SUB, SONOS is taking $50 off. When you do the arithmetic, that works out to $649 for the PLAYBAR instead of $699, and $649 for the SUB instead of $699. These may not sound like fantastic deals, but you really have to consider the rarity of any discounts on SONOS products.

Thus far, we've spotted this sale at five outlets: Amazon, B&H, Best Buy, (who'da thunk?), and Target. (Technically, Best Buy's prices are between $0.98 and $0.99 more, but we'll let that slide.) Here are some links:

Let us know if you spot these deals at any other stores.