Bridge games are great fun. For the uninitiated, the game gives you a gap between two cliff faces or whatever, and you have to build a stable, sturdy bridge, to, erm, bridge said gap. It's good, then, that Bridge Constructor Playground, from Headup Games, is $0.10 or its equivalent in many countries, although not in the US.

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Bridge-building is, as it turns out, not as easy as it looks. There are limited supplies to build the bridge, plus limited money (who'd have thought it?), so don't get caught out by that. Plus, your creation will be subject to a stress test after, to see if it is sturdy enough for cars and trucks to drive over it. There are 160 challenges on four separate islands, so it should keep you busy for a while - it seems like a great game to kill time with if you've got 5 minutes to spare.

As with other $0.10 apps or games, this is likely be on sale in the United Kingdom (£0.10), Italy, Germany, Spain, France, (EUR 0.10), Russia (RUB 0.10), and Australia ($0.20). If you see it for a cheaper price in other countries, let us know in the comments.

Bridge Constructor Playground
Bridge Constructor Playground
Developer: Headup
Price: $1.99