The LG G5 was not what you'd call a success for the company. Still, for those who demand a removable battery, it was one of the only viable options in the first half of the year. If you picked up a G5 on T-Mobile (there must be dozens of you!), you're about to get an update to Nougat. Triggering the update is a little weird, though.


The Nougat update includes some UI tweaks, improved battery life, and native Android split-screen apps. One thing it won't include for the G5 is Daydream VR support. It lacks the AMOLED display that's required for Google's VR. The update is 1,272MB in size, but you can't just download it right away. You have to trick the phone.

The update will download automatically between 11PM and 4AM, but no one likes to wait. Users are reporting that turning off automatic time and date in the settings, then changing the clock to the appropriate time triggers the download. Good luck.

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