The Logi(tech) Circle is one of our favorite security cameras next to the Nest, so we had to tell you when we saw it is going for $129, 35% off the original price ($199) at Amazon. It's a killer deal.

The Logi Circle can record at 1080p, so resolution is sharp and precise. Live video streaming is also in HD, so your house is viewable wherever you are, and any video can be recorded or downloaded for 24 hours from Logi's secure, private cloud. It's also portable - the camera can be taken off its magnetic stand and taken on-the-go around the house, if you so want. Lastly, a super cool feature is the ability to have the camera create a 60 second video summary of the previous 24 hours, if you need a recap or a catch up on the day's events at your home.

The Logi Circle is available in white and black, and both have $70 off. It's not clear how long this deal will last, so get on it quick before stock runs out.

As of today, the black Circle has gone down to $109.99 on Amazon - $20 off the previous price, and $90 off the original (although the white model is still $129.99). For one of the best security cameras in the business, that's crazy good. Go grab it at Amazon if you're looking for a new security camera, but be quick - there's no telling how long the deal will last, or how much stock Amazon has.