There aren't many options for rugged, outdoorsy smartwatches on the market; Casio's horribly named WSD-F10 is one of them. Though this Android Wear-powered smartwatch wasn't very well-received initially due to its $500 price tag, it's now been discounted to $399.99 - a 20% drop.

This Casio actually contains many features that standard watches like the Moto 360 and Huawei Watch just don't have. For instance, it features two LCDs - one low-power for when you just want to check the time, and one for when you want to use smartwatch functions. It also has tools such as an altimeter, a barometer, and more to assist you when you're hiking. It's also worth noting that it is legitimately stronger than other Android Wear offerings; it's rated for MIL-STD-810G compliance, as well as 50m water resistance. Most other smartwatches' IP67 ratings pale in comparison to this.

If you're a regular Ron Swanson (well, except that you like technology) and you'd like to pick one of these bad boys up, Amazon has discounted all three colors (orange, black, and an Amazon-exclusive red) to $399.99. Two-day shipping and returns are free with Prime. We're not sure if this is a Cyber Monday-only deal, so if you're interested, you probably shouldn't wait too long to hit the "Place your order" button.