Dead Zebra is the online distributor of those wonderful Android mini collectibles designed by Andrew Bell, but that's not all it sells. There are rugs, pins, and more. Some of it isn't even Android-related. Dead Zebra is rolling out a new series of Android minis today, and there are discounts to be had on everything.

For starters, here are all the Cyber Monday deals from Dead Zebra.

In addition, all orders larger than $30 can be discounted by 15% with the offer code ASL. That even includes the newly announced For Science! series 2. The Android mini scientists this time are Charles Darwin (natural selection), George Washington Carver (botanist and peanut enthusiast), and Rosalind Franklin (DNA structure). Each one is $10, so you'll need to order something else to use the 15% off code. The Tesla mini from For Science! series 1 is back, so maybe grab that one too.

The For Science! minis are limited edition, so they'll be gone before long. The Dead Zebra discounts will be over at the end of the day, so now is a good time to stock up.